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Thermolite is a reflective top coating processed from high quality asphalt fortified with pure prismatic aluminum flakes and diluted with mineral sprit. It is designed to protect and preserve a roof by reducing its surface temperatures, beautifies old and new roofs as well as hundreds of other surfaces that require protection from heat, solar radiation, rust and corrosion .

Outstanding Features
When Thermolite is applied, aluminum flakes develop a continued shield which reflects up to 80% of harmful sun rays, thus reducing the surface temperature of the building by as much as 10ºC. One kg of Thermolite covers about 80-100 ft² of concrete surface as well as 100-130ft² on metal surface. Thermolite makes the building temperature tolerable even without air conditioning & provides maximum thermal heat.

Technical Specipaction

  • Density at 25°C :0.98~1.02kg/l
  • Colour (Wet) : Brown
  • Colour (Cured) : Bright Silvery
  • Drying Time :3~4 Hrs
  • Gloss Power : 75~80
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