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UK imports of good profits the company ultramarine pigment 5006 / high temperature paint when the relative small amount of Ultramarine blue, or be added to the role of Violet in the media arising from the visual effect. This medium (such as plastic) usually display a 'congenital' yellow hue. Even the plastic most effective whitening agent (eg titanium) is no exception to show a degree of yellow color. Produced good profits ultramarine and manganese violet pigments can be used as additives to the small and medium yellow to a natural white, we call the 'blue light whitening' effect. Widely used in automotive interior color, plastic coloring, cosmetics and paint coatings in various industrial fields. Use good profits for color correction ultramarine advantages include: stability of whitening or Blu-ray by an excellent white (natural light and artificial light) * cool with warm colors brighten.

Color Names

(A) English name: ultramarine bule

(B) Character: ultramarine blue powder bright color, can eliminate the yellow shade in the white matter, alkali, heat, light, Case of acid decomposition fade, do not dissolve in water. Ultramarine is a kind of inorganic pigment. By the sulfur, clay, quartz, carbon and other mixed-firing into.

(C) use: ① color: the used paint, rubber, printing, ink, tempera and construction.
② mention white areas: for painting, knitting industry, paper making, detergent, etc..

(D) painting special: cooking oil were added with ultramarine powder, glue and propylene, can be separately made oil paintings, watercolor, water Pastel and acrylic painting pigments. Ultramarine is mineral pigments, transparent, opacity and transparency weak light, not suitable for painting a very dark color. But For decorative color, especially in the use of ancient Chinese architecture is common.

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