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Karachi Paint House is a comprehensive company dealing with domestic and international trade, production, logistics and economy information consultancy.

The company mainly deals with organic and inorganic chemicals, dyestuffs and pigments, pesticides, fertilizers, rubbers, metal chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other products. It handles more than 1000 kinds of products, among which Tiger brand dyestuffs, Everbright & TP brand pigments, CCC Brand Chalk whiting and Arrow Brand Lithopone etc. have become famous and hot selling brand names in local & international market. With several decades of development, the company has built up long-term and stable business relationship with several hundreds of foreign and domestic clients.

Decorative Paints

Coloring Pakistan for
62 years...

Industrial Paints

Industrial customers have specialized needs that...

Paints Raw Materials

KPH is a comprehensive
company dealing with...

Color Bank

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Textures & Interior
Design Gallery

We have huge variety...

Aerosol Paints

Aerosol paint (also called
spray paint) is a type of...

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